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This site is dedicated to my uncles, Richard and Michael Burgess. Richard was a Peace Corps member, U.S. Marine and New Orleans Police Officer, and one of my favorite heroes who passed away on March 26, 2004. Michael, is a U.S. Air Force veteran, a former sheriff’s officer and U.S. government civilian employee. Honored to know them both.

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About Us!

ILoveMyTroops.com was created on behalf of family and friends, but is now being shared with all in support of all our brave men and women worldwide. Here is a place where we and you can show your support and love to those who put their lives on the line for others everywhere.

They’re your family, friends and neighbors who should never be forgotten.

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Military Messages of Hate

Messages and promotions of racism, ignorance and bigotry-with-pride have severely damaged the image of military worldwide. Even deaths of soldiers are overshadowed or insulted by repeated attacks from domestic extremists. Even more disturbing, the messages of hate are disseminating from "christian" groups.

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TOWN protects funeral from Fred Phelps’ protesters!! Now THAT’S wassup!!
See article and photos including from one of the Weston town members who sent Phelps’ packing!!

A big HELLO  to The Smiths (Air Force), Jona (Army), The Merchants (Navy), Mark (Army) and Patrick (Marines) Robinson, James London (Army), The Morgans (Marines), Lloyd Samples (Army), Don Prioleau (Air Force), Joyce Hamilton (Army), Michael Jang (Army), and so many others. We’re very proud of them and we love them all!



Photo courtesy of USMC Lt. Col. J.P. Wilson


Check out NYC Halloween Village Parade pics featuring a few returning Iraq & Afghanistan war veterans!


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600 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq Operations 4 Apr 2004

837+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 21 Jun 2004

1,110+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 02 Sep 2004

1,300+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations Jan 2005

1,758+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 15 Jul 2005

2,000+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 25 Oct 2005

3,100+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 23 Sept 2006

3,500+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 04 Jun 2007

I have stopped counting, too painful, but I will never forget! 29 Feb 2008

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