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  • Family, Friends and Neighbors
  • Family, Friends and Neighbors
  • Family, Friends and Neighbors
  • Family, Friends and Neighbors
  • Family, Friends and Neighbors
  • Family, Friends and Neighbors
  • Family, Friends and Neighbors
  • Family, Friends and Neighbors
  • Family, Friends and Neighbors
  • Family, Friends and Neighbors
  • Family, Friends and Neighbors
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Help PBR 721 and Other  Brown Water Navy Small Craft Support Base Reach Their Goal


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Brooklyn 149th Memorial Day Parade, 2016, Bay Ridge

This year's parade was scaled back quite a bit, but it's always a good to see our military as well ...

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Why in gawd's name would our military even display a flag of WAR losers AND treasonists while on battle lines?? confederates (which I will always lowercase) are NOT heroes in any way, shape or form, but the worst of any society

Meet John Burk, who's following in footsteps of silencers of Henry O. Flipper

It started with this image: http://abc7ny.com/society/photo-of-west-point-cadets-with-fists-in-the-air-sparks-investigation/1327273/   Meet John Burk, who's riling up his misguided, fan base with a serious and false ...

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The Promise by Jack Murphy

"The Promise" by Jack Murphy Delta Company 5th Battalion, 12th Infantry 199th Infantry Brigade (Separate) (Light) Light - Swift - Accurate 1969 - 1970

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Photo: On April 16, 2015, IAVA members and supporters stand with IAVA Founder and CEO Paul Rieckhoff at New York's City Hall 
to give a voice to the 230,000 veterans of the city and urge Mayor Bill de Blasio to show real support for their community.

DeBlasio ends his shocking opposition to NYC Council Bill 314 for veterans

It is shocking how many politicians immediately block support for veterans, on both sides of political parties. In this case, ...

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PBR 721 and PBR 6927 Two Boat Patrol, Hampton, VA

Historic US Navy, US Army PBR Vietnam Veterans Reunion

A rare historic two boat patrol leading up to reunion of many PBR Vietnam Veterans. As you know, this U.S. Navy ...

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The Koch Brothers' Veterans Organization For Privatizing VA Healthcare

While Congress has premium health coverage at taxpayers' expense, the Koch Brothers, through political officials, want to privatize veterans' health ...

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Congrats To Eric Fanning, Named Secretary of the Army

This appointment is a huge step towards ending the tone of intolerance towards skilled and essential personnel. Eric Fanning, Civilian Adviser, ...

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Will this offensive military impersonation nonsense ever end?!

Probably not, because someone actually fell for this scam previously, therefore, senders are trying to catch a new "sucker". One way ...

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FDNY, West Indian Day, Brooklyn Carnival 2015

#BrooklynCarnival #WestIndianDay Parade, Brooklyn, NY

Annual celebration of Caribbean heritage, including among first responders (fire, police, NYC Sanitation) and many military members. http://wiadcacarnival.org/ Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ilovemytroops/sets/72157655988791364 Unfortunately, there ...

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#USNavy veteran and buddy of @KnottieNature and US Navy's @BostonMaggie who couldn't wait to call me a "nigga"

Racists have been infiltrating both military and law enforcement

This has been known for decades, especially since GOP and KKK's David Duke was released from federal prison over 10 ...

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TOWN protects funeral from Fred Phelps’ protesters!!
Now THAT’S wassup!! See article and photos including from one of the Weston town members who sent Phelps’ packing!!


A big HELLO  to The Smiths (Air Force), Jona (Army), The Merchants (Navy), Mark (Army) and Patrick (Marines) Robinson, James London (Army), The Morgans (Marines), Lloyd Samples (Army), Don Prioleau (Air Force), Joyce Hamilton (Army), Michael Jang (Army), and so many others. We’re very proud of them and we love them all!



Photo courtesy of USMC Lt. Col. J.P. Wilson


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600 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq Operations 4 Apr 2004

837+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 21 Jun 2004

1,110+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 02 Sep 2004

1,300+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations Jan 2005

1,758+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 15 Jul 2005

2,000+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 25 Oct 2005

3,100+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 23 Sept 2006

3,500+ Troops killed in Iraq Operations 04 Jun 2007

I have stopped counting, too painful, but I will never forget! 29 Feb 2008

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