The Koch Brothers’ Veterans Organization For Privatizing VA Healthcare

While Congress has premium health coverage at taxpayers’ expense, the Koch Brothers, through political officials, want to privatize veterans’ health care for political profits, and not in best interest of veterans!

But there’s that ignoring Constitution: Article 1, Section 8 again, especially after advocating for war after war after war, such that every generation since the 1960s has seen or been affected by war.

I started VoteVets shortly after returning from Iraq because progressive veterans needed a voice supporting leaders who recognize the cost of sending our men and women overseas continues long after we return home.

We’ve enjoyed great success over the years. That must be why the Koch Brothers are funding a massive organization to replicate our efforts, but with a focus on privatizing veterans’ health care. And they are very dangerous.

Concerned Veterans for America has almost unlimited money and are touring early primary states with the leading Republican presidential candidates talking about their vision for dismantling the VA. And they’re already on the air against progressive veterans like retired Admiral Joe Sestak and Congressman Tim Walz.

We are one of the only progressive organizations in a position to fight back.

Contribute $21 – the average contribution to VoteVets – before tomorrow’s FEC deadline and help us take on the Koch Brothers’ funded Concerned Veterans for America.

VoteVets and CVA already went head to head on the Iran deal. Their leadership was deeply involved in the effort to scuttle the historic accord. But we were there to fight back, and thanks to the veterans and military family members who power our organization, we won a great victory for the safety and security of our country.

That won’t be the last time we tangle this election cycle. They’ll be gunning for our progressive veteran candidates, no doubt about it.

But if we stand together, we’ll protect and improve the health care our veterans deserve while electing a new generation of leaders to the U.S. Senate, like Tammy Duckworth, Jason Kander, and Joe Sestak.

Make a contribution to VoteVets before tomorrow’s important FEC deadline.

This organization isn’t driven by a single benefactor like the Koch Brothers. We rely on supporters like you.

All my best,

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran and Chairman

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