Meet John Burk, who’s following in footsteps of silencers of Henry O. Flipper

It started with this image:


Meet John Burk, who’s riling up his misguided, fan base with a serious and false accusation. One of the things I noticed about John Burk: his fans include many of the same active duty military members who have joined for weapons training to fight against our country (, as well as persons who target others within AND outside of our military because of sex, race, gender identity, religion, etc.

Burk took an image of “POWER, STRENGTH, WE DID IT!!” of West Point cadets (where Henry O Flipper was SHAMED and SILENCED simply for being black), and turned image into a reverse-racism-KKK-style cry. Burk didn’t seek to ask first (something taught in military — find out FIRST!!) about the photo, but instead shared image with his rabid fan base, who have now launched a “witch hunt” against 16 women, who have completed all training requirements at West Point, which isn’t simply walking around a park 2-3 times, but consists of difficult and strenuous tasks, including one major one before graduation is allowed.

Per Burk, the cadets took a West Point oath, are in the military and not supposed to have an opinion or political view. I guess the women can’t be proud of accomplishments either? How often do we see a large group of black female military officers from West Point, all graduating together??

But speaking of “not allowed to express views”, has Burk met his military fan base or is he simply choosing to selectively find issues that don’t actually exist while paling online proudly with actual Ku Klux Klan members, bomb and death threaters and persons who wake up to target persons solely because of race, sex, lifestyle, religion, political preference, etc.??

If the image contained 16 white males, Burk would have not only praised the photograph, but called it an epitome of strength and “patriotism” in spite of their racist views which Burk supports proudly. And if any male failed to participate with the group, that person would have been shamed by the same persons leading the witch hunt with John Burk against 16 women in a now HISTORIC image of its own given the shameful, racist history of West Point against persons such as General Benjamin O. Davis Jr. (, Henry O. Flipper and even General Colin Powell. Burk shouldn’t shame their West Point legacy, a legacy that wouldn’t have been possible if persons like Burk continued to monitor THEN block their efforts because he’s too misguided and biased to discover facts, or get to know individually.

I’m also quite sure John Burk, as well as his rabid fan base, don’t even know history of Henry O. Flipper or General Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., and would fail miserably on history of persons tarnished within and/or ousted from military because of bias of others like Burk.

Why in gawd's name would our military even display a flag of WAR losers AND treasonists while on battle lines?? confederates (which I will always lowercase) are NOT heroes in any way, shape or form, but the worst of any society

Why in gawd’s name would our military even display a flag of WAR losers AND treasonists while on battle lines?? confederates (which I will always lowercase) are NOT heroes in any way, shape or form, but the worst of any society!

Maybe if there was less honor for treasonists and racist losers, who fought against my country and our military solely FOR the right to keep their slaves and transport slaves as property throughout U.S., confederates*, we would see less images of people of color or women feeling proud of their accomplishments in spite of daily obstacles, such as John Burk, around them daily!

Here’s Burk and klan striving to be the “high standards” other should adhere to, while paling with KKK, death and bomb threaters as well as daily road blocks for women, people of color and people of different religions:


Yes, John Burk and his fans are the “high standards” to adhere to. Nope, no misogyny here folks…



And once again, John Burk and his fans are the “high standards” to adhere to. Nope, no racism here from US Army’s Todd W. Strong


And here’s the racist page behind’s Burk’s “protest”, a page Burk is a PROUD member of: “Afro” native action – a/k/a fear of ANYTHING black! And meet their authors, which confirm source of Burk’s rage against picture of a group of positive black women or as they refer to them, “‘afro’ native action”,  or people they’d rather see in chains or only in “subservient, submit to their confederate will” roles: And yes, all authors claim to be “christians”, just as Ku Klan Klan claims to be!


But bottom line is John Burk, Lyle Rapacki and klan are FAKE christians making false claims because of their own hatred of non-whites!


* I always write “confederates” in lower-case for many reasons!

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    And take this John Burk, Lyle Rapacki and your entire hatriot klan:

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Major General (Ret.) Paul Eaton,
    Date: Tue, May 10, 2016 at 2:24 PM
    Subject: Tell West Point: support these cadets

    The Washington Post has just published an editorial in support of 16 black female West Point cadets who posed in various ‘old school’ photos, one of which shows them with raised clenched fists.

    The right wing blogosphere, now hyperactive in the current ‘angry conservative’ charged political climate, has attacked these future US Army officers.

    The WaPo oped states that West Point, my alma mater, has initiated an investigation.

    The Department of the Army needs to get out in front of this story and avoid another image of bureaucrats going after black female Soldiers as they did with the hair style debacle.

    This is a great opportunity for a senior leader, say West Point’s first female Commandant, Brigadier General Holland, to gather these future lieutenants and to tell them that she and the Nation are very proud of them and that she looks forward to their graduation and commissioning ceremonies. The commandant could also remind them, as every officer is reminded at promotion to Brigadier General, that the American Soldier, and officers in particular, are always on parade.

    Immediately after this meeting, the West Point Public Affairs Officer could then tell critics to stand down. I hope you’ll add your name to mine if you agree:

    Sign VoteVets petition calling on West Point to support the cadets who are under attack by angry conservative bloggers.

    Good luck ladies. We are all very proud of you.

    Paul D. Eaton
    Major General, US Army (Retired)

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